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What Is the Average Roof Inspection Cost for Regular Sized Homes?

The roof inspection cost is part of the home maintenance costs. For this reason, it’s vital to understand what it covers and how to go about it. What matters a lot is why you need to do the roof inspection and the type of roof inspection you can afford for your home.

A roof inspection can help you detect a problem on your roof and repair it. Thankfully, this guide explores all the basics of a roof inspection, including the cost involved. You’ll also learn what happens during a roof inspection and the types of roof inspections.

That said, let’s get started.

What is a Roof Inspection, and Why Do You Need It?

A roof inspection is the visual examination of a home roof’s interior and exterior roof structures. Inspectors will identify the points that need repairs or improvements to extend the roof’s lifespan. As a result, that will help to improve your roof’s integrity.

After the roof inspection, a roof inspector will provide you with a detailed report showing the roof’s condition. The report also illustrates the roof elements with issues that require quick fixes to keep them in good shape. Also, it will help you estimate the repair costs.

So, why do you need to perform a roof inspection?

The roof is the last line of defense between a home’s inside and the outdoor elements. So, it’s vital to maintain it to prevent the outside elements from finding their way into the house. For instance, if the rain leaks into your home, it can cause more damages.

Roof inspections help identify minor problems that require quick repairs to don’t exacerbate and become bigger. Not to mention, replacing a few shingles is even easier and less expensive than replacing the entire roof. So, a roof inspection is worth it.

Besides spotting issues that need repairs, a thorough roof inspection is required for selling, refinancing, or insuring a home. You can also make the inspection part of your routine roof maintenance as it allows you to find roof damages before they worsen.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

So, how much is a roof inspection? On average, a roof inspection costs around $215 in Canada. However, most people spend between $150 and $300 and can sometimes go up to $600, based on the type of roof investigation, like infrared and drone inspections.

While most roof inspection companies charge flat fees for their services, some of them may quote the inspection cost per square foot. For that reason, it’s essential to select a roof inspector that charges the rates that can fall within your budget.

Here are the other factors that can influence the roof inspection cost.

  • Your roof’s pitch or slope
  • Type of roofing material used
  • Accessibility of all parts of the roof
  • Weather and climatic conditions during inspection

When inspecting your roof for resale, potential buyers may need a roof certification for insurance and borrowing purposes. So, lenders and insurers will use the certificate to verify the roof’s condition. The roof certification cost average ranges from $75 to $200.

Differences between a Roof Inspection and a Roof Certification

A roof inspection is different from a roof certification, so don’t confuse the two. However, you’ll need to perform a roof inspection to get a roof certification. So, a roof certification always comes after the inspection, and it estimates a roof’s lifespan after repairs.

The primary objective of a roof inspection is to repair the damages present on the roof and prevent them from worsening. On the other hand, a roof certification helps lenders and insurers estimate the cost of your property before they agree to finance or insure it.

Lending and insurance companies have different requirements. For example, some insurers may require certifications for roofs older than 15 years or located in areas with severe weather conditions. So, you have to fulfill the requirements to get the insurance.

You can do a roof inspection independently without a roof certification. But when the roof’s estimated life has ended, you’ll need to do another check to get the certification. Alternatively, you’ll opt to replace the entire roof to retain your mortgage or policy terms.

What the Roof Inspector Looks for During a Roof Inspection

A typical roof inspection will take around 1-4 hours, depending on the roof’s size and complexity. An inspector works from the ground up by first examining the drainage and wear and tear. Next, they’ll check the condition of your roof’s exterior features.

After that, they will climb a ladder to the rooftop and look for the following issues.

  • Areas with missing or damaged flashing
  • Broken, curled, or missing shingles
  • Damaged seals around drains, fascia, skylights, vents, and chimneys
  • Heavy vegetation on the roof, causing decay
  • Roof valleys and other structural issues allowing water to collect
  • Visible mold and rot on the roof surface

The roof inspector will then move to your home’s inside and look for the following:

  • Dark spots, cracks, and concave areas on the ceiling
  • Moisture around the fireplace
  • Rot and mold on wood rafters
  • Visible damages and nail penetration in the attic space
  • Water stains on pipes near your furnace and water heater

After completing the inspection, the roof inspector will then provide a report with details on what they examined and the issues they found. Also, it will offer recommendations or the steps you need to take to prevent the problems from worsening.

Final Words

As a homeowner, you need to know the roof inspection cost in your area, including the factors that can influence the total cost. Once you find out the prices, consider working with professional roof inspectors to help you inspect the roof.

When you identify the issues on your roofing, you may want to repair them yourself, but we don’t recommend that. Instead, it’s essential to hire a reputable roofing company like Roof Master to do the repairs. We have all it takes to restore your roof’s functionalities.

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