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How To Clean Skylights Safely And Correctly

One of the most common questions homeowners ask is about how to clean skylights safely and correctly. The answer is pretty straightforward: there are a few methods you can use depending on your situation. If your roof has an overhang or slope, then cleaning them from top-down should be fine. However, if they’re flat (meaning there is no overhang), then you’ll want to go outside and work your way up.

Skylights are essential additions to your home’s natural lighting needs. However, cleaning them can be a challenge depending on how and where they are positioned on your roof. So if you were wondering about how to clean skylights on the roof, then read on for solutions.

How to Clean Skylights Outside

Cleaning your skylights from the outside requires efficient preparation and the right tools. If your skylights are on a sloped roof, then you’ll need a ladder and safety gear to start with. 

Cleaning skylights from the outside of your roof should be a simple task with few demands. You’ll need the following tools:

  • A ladder
  • A garden hose
  • A long-handled squeegee
  • Rubber blade scrapers
  • A spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of dishwashing soap
  • A clean cloth or towel to wipe down the skylight after you’re done cleaning it.

Now that you have all the necessary tools, you can start cleaning your skylights from the outside following these instructions:

  • First, set the ladder in place by stationing it firmly against the side of the house and making sure it is steady.
  • Add soap (about two drops) to some water in a bucket to make the water soapy. Pour the soapy water on the skylight, allowing it to flow on each pane to cover the pane completely. Doing this will help loosen any buildup that may have accumulated over time. Have someone hold the ladder firmly for you as you pour the soapy water on each pane.
  • Then, turn on your garden hose or attach it to a nearby faucet. Remember that you’ll need some water pressure for this job since none of your tools will work without sufficient amounts of water.
  • If there’s some buildup that requires extra elbow grease, then you can use an old toothbrush or any other type of soft-bristled scrubbing brush. Be careful as you work with this tool because it will undoubtedly take some time to finish.
  • While scrubbing the buildup of the pane, you might want to use a small bucket of water with mild soap instead of a highly soapy solution. That way, the soap will take less time to wash off the pane than if you used the concentrated soapy solution.
  • A damp cloth or sponge can do the trick to get rid of any dirt or ‘yuckiness’ that has gathered near where each pane meets. Don’t use too much pressure because you could end up pushing debris into cracks that are near impossible to clean out later on.
  • Finally, be sure to wash all of your tools with soap and water before putting them back where they belong for next time.

Cleaning Your Skylights from the Inside

Cleaning your skylight from the inside should be easier than doing it from the outside. You’ll need a few supplies like a broomstick with a long handle, cleaner (we recommend you use the same one you used outside), a soft sponge, and towels. The long-handled broomstick will be helpful since you’re not going to use a ladder inside the house.

You can then follow the steps below to clean your skylights from the inside:

  • Start by removing any visible cobwebs, dust and debris on the panes using a rag attached to the end of a long-handled broom.
  • Mix a few drops of liquid soap with warm water, then dip a soft sponge attached to a long stick or the end of a long-handled broom.
  • Wring off the excess water from the sponge, raise it to the skylights and move it back and forth to clean off the stains.
  • Wipe up the remaining residue and dry the panes with a towel attached to the end of the broomstick.

Safety Tip: Make sure your skylights are safe before you start cleaning them from the outside. Don’t start cleaning if you notice cracks on the skylight glass.

Skylight Cleanliness Maintenance Tips

Once your skylights are clean, both from the inside and outside, you might want to learn how to maintain the cleanliness for a longer time before you clean them again.

Below are a few practical tips you could follow to ensure your skylight remains clean for the longest time.

  • Take time to inspect your skylights. Check if there are any corroded areas, broken seals, or damaged sealants before cleaning them again.
  • Regularly changing HVAC air filters in your home will go a long way in preventing contamination via recirculated air.
  • Ensure that the glass is always in perfect condition and less exposed to things that mess it up. Cut tree branches hanging over the skylight to minimize chances of bird droppings and tree sap dirtying the glass.
  • Keep some essential cleaning solutions in the house for quick cleaning procedures.

With a regular watch over your skylights, they’ll rarely get dirty, and you’ll have less reason to clean them. 

Busy Schedule? Hire Roof Master to Clean Your Skylights

Now you are aware of how to clean skylights. While it’s good to learn these cleaning and maintenance tips, hiring professionals to perform an excellent job is also advisable. If you’re always busy, our team can help you get your skylights clean and sparkling within a short time. We also do follow-ups to ensure your skylight remains in the perfect state for as long as possible.

Contact us today to book our cleaning services, and we’ll be glad to serve you.

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