Save Money With TPO Roof Replacement and Commercial Solar Installation in Lubbock

Thinking about replacing your roof with the energy efficient TPO? You can save money by installing solar panels at the same time. Replacing your roof with a TPO energy efficient roof and installing solar panels can help your business save thousands a year, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. 

When you replace your roof with a TPO Extreme roof at the same time as installing solar panels, you can be eligible for a federal tax credit of 34% the cost of both the solar panel AND roof. This huge tax credit could potentially save you thousands of dollars, and offset part of the cost of solar panel installation.

Commercial Solar

Roof Master Keeps Your Roof Safe During Solar Installation

Roof Master can not only help replace your roof with a durable TPO, but we will also oversee your commercial solar installation in Lubbock to ensure that no damage is being done to your roof. We offer FREE pre and post installation inspections.

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