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What is EPDM roofing? Complete Guide (2021)

When it comes to roofing, today there are several options in the market. Some of them offer a great variety of colors, while others focus on durability. Remember, the key is finding a product that satisfies all your roofing needs while keeping your budget. That’s why for the last couple of decades, EPDM has been the go-to solution for anyone who has a low-slope structure. If you are not familiar with this material yet, don’t worry. Below we will explain its benefits and how to install it. 

The first question you might have at the moment is, what is EPDM roofing? This is the most durable material you can find when it comes to flat surfaces. The best part about choosing this product is that it is versatile and flexible, which makes it perfect for any commercial project. We know that up to this point, it seems like many roofing systems could achieve that. However, EPDM offers a unique characteristic: it’s waterproof. This means it will be more durable compared to other options in the market. 

If you are still not sure that EPDM roofing is the right choice for your project, here are some reasons that will change your mind.

What is the EPDM rubber roofing composition?

EPDM acronym stands for Ethylene Polypropylene Diene Monomer. We know that this sounds like a complicated name, but the main thing you need to understand is that this is a membrane composed primarily of propylene and ethylene. 

Usually, this type of roofing option is made of three parts, an elastomeric base layer, fire retardant middle layer, and a polyester fiber-reinforced top layer. Then, you can add a white top layer, but that will depend on the roofing needs you want to meet. For instance, the black EPDM absorbs heat while the white one reflects UV rays. 

What is the EPDM roofing material lifespan? 

Keep in mind that the duration of your roof will depend on how well you maintain it. Luckily, if you choose EPDM for your next project, the maintenance will be minimal. The only thing you need to do is some regular cleanings throughout the year. Plus, we will recommend a professional membrane inspection every 1-3 years. That way, you will be able to fix any tears or cracks. 

EPDM roofing can last up to 50 years, which is ideal for a commercial project. The best part is that when you purchase this product, you can often get a 15-20 year guarantee. 

What is the EPDM roofing system cost?

Once you start investigating, you will notice that the price can be a little higher compared to other options you can find in the market. But in the long run, it will save you a lot of money. Keep in mind that the price of the surface will be determined by several factors, including area, complexity, and labor costs. 

Taking into account these elements mentioned above, you can expect to pay between $70 and $93 per square meter.

We want to find an option that offers unique advantages. Let’s look at some of them.

Benefits of EPDM roofing

When most people ask, what is the EPDM rubber roofing composition? They are only interested in finding out the durability and key characteristics. But, they are missing the opportunity to inquire about the added benefits of the material. To avoid this situation, we are going to explain the advantages of choosing EPDM. 

  1. Easy installation

We know that most roofing options in the market have incredible characteristics, but they are difficult to install. However, with EPDM, you won’t have to worry about that. This material usually comes in rolls that allow you to cover a large surface in no time. This means that the installation cost will be lower.

  1. Energy-Efficient

Thanks to the characteristics of EPDM roofing and depending on the type of layers you choose, this material can help you save money regarding your cooling and heating systems. To make the most out of it, we recommend black EPDM for cold weather and white EPDM for warmer climates. 

  1. Durability

As we mentioned above, EPDM has high durability, since it is waterproof. But, if you choose a higher thickness, your roof will also be protected against flying debris and severe storms. Keep in mind as a rule of thumb, the more thickness, the more resistance. 

  1. Affordable repairs

In case there is something wrong with your roof, the reparations won’t cost as much as it would with shingle roofing. This will be a quick process since professionals only need some basic tools to fix the problem.

How to install EPDM roofing?

Now that you have purchased your EPDM roof, we will tell you how to install it in four simple steps. 

  1. Cleaning the surface

First, you need to remove all the debris on the surface and clean it thoroughly to ensure the adhesive will stick. Then, take care of all the gaps by filling them with wood strips. If you have a large surface to cover, you might need a team to help you out. 

  1. Placing the material

Take all the rolls and place them in the position you want to install them. After that, you are going to wait 20 to 30 minutes. This will be enough time to allow any creases to disappear. Then take a broom and sweep the entire surface to ensure it is completely flat.

  1. Trimming excess

EPDM is not a material that is handcrafted for each surface. This means you will have to trim any excess, including the parts that are difficult to work with. For this task, you will need someone with a steady hand. Otherwise, you can go off course.

  1. Adhesive

Once the entire roof is ready, you will take the adhesive and apply it to the whole decking. For all corners, you might need to purchase a stronger contact adhesive.

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