How to Find Out When My Roof Was Replaced

The roofing structure is a critical part of your home, and knowing how to find out when a roof was replaced can help you overcome many problems.

While most roofing materials last for 20 to 30 years, some don’t last long due to other factors hastening roof damage. Finding out when the roof was replaced can help you prepare for any replacements or anticipate future problems.

This guide will help you trace the date of the last roof replacement. So let’s get into it. 

Knowing Your Roof’s Age

Knowing your roof’s age is only impossible if you don’t have the interest and don’t put in the effort. However, the process will not be a walk in the park if your house is old. These tips will help you with the process. 

1. Ask The Previous Owners

The easiest way to get the correct information about the last roof replacement is by asking the previous owners. If your house is older, you can attempt to find the previous owners starting with the most recent homeowner.

However, you will be luckier if the house is new and the previous owner was the first. The homeowner can then check essential documents like receipts for replacement dates. 

Although this seems to be the perfect step and one where you can find the most accurate answers, that might not be the case. Some homeowners relocate, and you might not reach them. If this happens, try these other options.

2. Find The Building Permit

Some governments require you to have a building permit before a roof replacement. If this is a requirement, you can check through the copy for the date the last roof replacement was granted.  

This won’t tell you the exact date the replacement was done, but it will provide you with a good estimate.  

3. Contact The Roofing Company

If finding a building permit is next to impossible for you, check if you can find the roofing company that did the job. They will give you the actual dates. Knowing the contractor of your roof can be challenging, but they may leave some branded evidence on the roof. 

Another easier way of finding the roofing company is calling the ones in your area (if there are not too many). Finding the exact roofers is advantageous because you can hire them to reroof. 

2. Hire A Roofing Professional 

If you did not get the answers with the other three methods, you might have to ask for an estimation from a roofing expert. A good installer or roofing inspector will approximate the shingles’ or underlayment’s age. 

Consider the roof inspector’s rate before learning how to find out when your roof was replaced with estimates. That’s because different experts charge differently depending on your roof’s structure and size.

During the inspection, the contractor will check your roof’s current situation. They could notice some defects and advise for a roof repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Living with a lousy roof can lead to more damage to the rest of the roof materials. So if you see these signs while figuring out how to find out when a roof was replaced, consider a replacement. 

1. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles is the most common sign of an old roof. Exposure of the roof to the elements, like heavy rains, hail storms, and strong winds, causes damage to the shingles.

Strong winds can also carry the shingles away since the old roof has little adhesive holding the shingles together. The spaces left can allow water into the roofing system, which causes rotting and roof weakening. 

2. Curled Shingles

Shingles curl because they are old or are made with soft material, and others weaken and warp due to strong winds and rain. Curled shingles lower the home’s aesthetics and reduce the roof’s effectiveness. Call an expert to replace the entire roof. 

3. Roof Leaks

A leaking roof is another sign you need a replacement. The telltale signs of a roof leak are water drops falling from the ceiling, stains, and rotting shingles. Other roof leaks lead to rotten and stained walls and dampness in the house. 

Roof leaks are dangerous to the rest of the house if not treated. Replacing the entire roof can solve the problem once and for all. However, first, identify if the leaks are due to roof issues before replacing it. 

A roofing expert can help you understand how to find out when a roof was replaced. 

If you do decide to replace the roof, hire a professional roofer. They have the experience and expertise needed for a strong roof. You can do your research or ask those you trust for referrals. 

Final Words

Knowing how to find out when the roof was replaced can be challenging. Indeed, some homeowners give up finding the roof replacement dates to carry the reinstallation.

Thankfully, you now have some tips on finding out the roof replacement dates. You can also seek expert help from roofing professionals at Roof Master and Construction. Contact us for more tips on how to find out when the roof was replaced. 

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