How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in Your Roof

If you hear noise and other scratching sounds on your roof, start researching how to get rid of squirrels on roof structures. The tiny rodents cause severe damages to the roof, like chewing wood rafters and seams, weakening the entire system, and causing water leaks and other roof problems. 

Luckily, there is a solution for the squirrel infestation on your roof. You can use traps, repellents, and noise to remove these annoying rodents. You can also install an exit tunnel for the squirrels to ensure they find their way out. 

While looking at the best methods to remove squirrels from your roof, we will also mention the problems they could cause and the best ways to prevent them from invading again. Take a look. 

Squirrel Damage to the Roof

Immediately after squirrels find their way to your roof, they start forming nests to protect themselves from the elements. This leads to excess clutter on the system, with nests, urine, fecal matter, and fur. The mess can lead to gutter blockage and a foul smell in the home. 

When squirrels get to your roof, they could nibble on all wooden materials like fascia, rafters, and seams, weakening the entire system. This causes the roof to sag in some parts, and it could start falling apart. 

The rodents also chew pipes and wires. Electricity wires are delicate, and leaving crucial parts open could lead to fires. Chewing the water pipes will also lead to water leaks which cause more moisture problems to the house. 

Rodents, especially squirrels, carry parasites like fleas on their bodies. These parasites cause discomfort to your family members and attack your pets. Worst of all, the parasites cause diseases that can cause your pet’s death. 

How the Squirrels Enter Your Roof

Before researching “how to get rid of squirrels in my roof,” it is essential to know how they entered. Closing the entry point will permanently deal with these rodents. These are some of the ways the squirrels get to your roof. 

  1. Through The Wall Vent

If you leave the vents in your kitchen, bathroom, or dryer exhaust open, squirrels could find their way into the house. Once inside, they climb up the walls into the roofing system. Keep the vents closed or install a wire mesh to stop them from accessing your home. 

  1. Openings on the Roof

Like the wall vents, squirrels can also access other open areas on the roof, like the chimney. These rodents are also small enough to fit in small damaged spots on the roof, like missing shingles. 

To prevent this, inspect your roof to ensure all the shingles are intact. You should also close the chimney openings using a chimney cap. Call a professional to install any missing shingles to avoid rodents’ invasion. 

  1. Soffit Edge and Vents

If the soffit edges were wrongly installed, there is a space between the soffit and the wall. The opening between the soffit edge and the border can be an entry point for squirrels and other pests. Additionally, you should always do your best to ensure that everything is well closed during the soffit installation process — doing this can prevent a number of issues from occurring. 

How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in Your Roof

There are different ways to keep squirrels away from your roof, and homeowners should use the most convenient method. Check some of these methods out. 

  1. Use Ammonia

Ammonia has a pungent smell that animals cannot stand. Applying it on their nests using a rag irritates the squirrels. Besides, they will view your roof as an uncomfortable place to stay, making them leave. 

When using ammonia, consider mixing it with another repellant to maximize its effectiveness. You can also use another strong cleaning detergent to keep the rodents away from your roof. 

  1. Light

Most animals are uncomfortable under lights because they feel exposed, including squirrels. Lighting up your roof or installing the light near their nests will chase them away. You can direct the light into the squirrel’s nests or install it inside the nest. 

  1. Noise

Squirrels find it uncomfortable to stay in a noisy environment, so they leave. You can tune your radio to a station where people talk and increase the volume. Face the radio near the nests. The rodents will find living in or on your roof uncomfortable, which will make them want to go away. 

  1. Buy a Squirrel Repellent

Squirrel repellents are chemically made to make the rodents uncomfortable. The main ingredient is the scent of the predator’s urine because squirrels cannot stand that environment. Like the other chemicals, always read the instructions on the box and apply the repellant to the squirrel’s nests. 

  1. Use Traps

Another perfect way to keep squirrels out of your roof is by using traps. Place the trap at the entry point of the rodents and near the nests. You can also place another in the middle of the roof. The best spots to place the traps are around the areas with fecal matter and urine. 

However, ensure you talk to the wildlife specialists around your area to avoid getting into trouble. You should also buy a trap intended for squirrels only, so you don’t cause harm to the other animals. Place a type of food that rodents enjoy, like peanuts, inside the traps to attract them. 

Prevent a Reentry

Once you learn how to get rid of squirrels in the roof of your home, the next step is to prevent reentry. These tips will help you. 

Begin by cutting all the branches hanging over your roof. The squirrels use these branches to access your roof and build nests there. You can use a chainsaw to cut the branches but do it carefully.

Also, repair the holes around your home, including the spaces between the soffit and roof and vents. If you are not an expert, it would be best for you to hire a professional team, like Roof Master, as we can do the job correctly the first time around. You can ask for a referral or search on the internet for a contractor. 

Final Words

Knowing how to get rid of squirrels in roof structures is straightforward if you work with the right team of professionals. When using chemicals, ensure they are not harmful to human beings and only affect the squirrels. Also, contact the wildlife team around your place to ensure you don’t get into trouble. 

Contact us for more guidance on eliminating squirrels from the roof.

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