Metal Roof Maintenance-The Basics

Although metal roofs are easy to care for, homeowners should remember that metal roof maintenance still requires a serious amount of care and attention. These roofs are common because of their affordability, durability, and low maintenance costs.  

However, metal is prone to rust,  which changes the sheet’s colors to yellow and brown, and it can also weaken the shingles, reducing the lifespan. You’ll need to regularly apply coating to the metal sheets or shingles with a rust-resistant material to maintain the original look of the roof. 

Another way to maintain your metal roof is by ensuring the gutters are working correctly for good drainage. Inefficient gutters cause water clogging on the sheets resulting in roof leaks. But before we look in detail at how to maintain a metal roof, it is essential to understand the importance of roof maintenance.

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Why Maintenance on Metal Roof Is Important

Some homeowners do not take roof maintenance seriously because they don’t know its importance. Although the care could cost you some money, here are some benefits you will get. 

  1. A Long-Lasting Roof

Consider frequent maintenance if you want your metal roof to last long until its expiry date. Debris like leaves and dust trap water on the sheets when it rains. They could also clog the gutters, leading to poor drainage. 

When the metal shingles fail to dry completely, they begin to rust. The rusting weakens the affected part of the roof, and you will notice small holes. Besides, rusting could spread to other parts of the shingles. When the roof completely weakens, the only choice is to replace it.

During a roof inspection, the homeowner can notice any signs of rusting and treat the affected part before it spreads. Also, removing the leaves ensures proper water drainage, lowering the chances of rusting hence a longer lifespan.

  1. Maintain Aesthetics

Apart from ensuring roof longevity, roof maintenance preserves aesthetics. Dust and debris make the roof look messy and old. The rusting also causes discoloration of the material, and some parts could suffer brown and black spots, reducing curb appeal.

  1. Reduce Future Potential Problems

When doing regular maintenance, you will be able to identify minor problems before they can lead to a menace on your roof. For example, treating minor water leaks can save you from complete roof replacement.

  1. Saves You Money And Time

Leaving your roof uninspected to save on the cost of roof inspection could cost you more money and time in the long run. Problems like roof leaks destroy the inner parts of the roof, compromising its integrity. Some homeowners prefer repairing the causes of roof leaks instead of replacing the entire roof, which costs more money and time.  

Some issues like water leaks can lead to other problems like mold in the house, which can cause significant damage. Also, damaged roofs are less energy efficient, meaning you will pay more on energy due to poor insulation and temperature control, which lasts until you replace the roof. 

  1. Peace of Mind

When you regularly maintain your roof, you won’t worry about storms or heavy rains. Besides, having a sturdy roof keeps you at peace because you don’t have to budget for an expensive roof replacement. A sturdy roof also means more security for your family and property.

Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

Surface maintenance is an exercise that doesn’t require a thorough inspection. You can easily DIY this kind of maintenance, although you need professional guidance on safety. However, if you have a steep slope roof, consider hiring professionals like Roof Master.

Metal roof maintenance depends on factors like your roof’s structural design, climate, and the type of metal shingles you have. Homeowners in rainy climates and whose homes are surrounded by trees need more frequent maintenance to avoid rusting. 

Some of the ways to maintain your metal roofs are:

  1. Remove Branches or Sticks Stuck On Your Roof

Sweep and remove all the branches and sticks on your roof, especially if trees surround the house. You could also cut down branches that extend from the trees near your home to ensure they get enough heat from the sun and dry.

  1. Remove Debris in the Gutters and Valleys

Having debris on the roof valleys reduces the appeal. Besides, they could decay and leave unwanted spots on the metal sheets. Also, when leaves stick on the roof, they could be swept into the gutters by rainwater. 

The leaves clog the gutters, making it hard for water drainage. With time, the flat roof will form small pools of water, which quickens the rate of rusting. Over time, rusting can spread to other parts faster and deteriorates the entire roofing system, forcing you to replace it. 

  1. Look For Leaks on Your Roof

Many new homeowners with metal roofs have this question in mind: What is the maintenance on a metal roof doing to address leaks. Leaks start with small holes on the metal sheets, which, when ignored, can cause severe damage. 

A roof inspector will use a ladder to climb up the roof and identify any signs of roof leaks. This allows them to plan out their maintenance and ensure they can efficiently address these leaks alongside any other issues.

  1. Remove Other Metals and Materials Touching the Roof

Metal shingles and sheets are delicate, and when other materials come into contact with the roof, it starts degrading and staining. Although these problems don’t seem like a big deal initially, they lead to other potential problems that can get magnified over time.

Homeowners should always keep an eye on roofers when working on their roofs. For example, ensure the plumbers, electrical contractors, and satellite dish installers don’t make any penetrations on the metal roof. 

Also, when walking on the roof, avoid stepping directly on the metal sheets or shingles. It’s best to leave direct work on your roof to professional roofing contractors, and if they cause any damages, ask them to treat the part to avoid roof leaks. 

  1. Look For Scratches and Chipping

Metal roofing is prone to scratching and fading, which reduces its aesthetic appeal and longevity over time. Therefore, it is vital to repaint a roof’s part that is scratched or fading to ensure it remains in good shape.

Final Words

To make sure you get the most out of your metal roof and have it last for years, regular metal roof maintenance is a must. A properly maintained roof offers comfort, saves costs and time, and maintains the home’s aesthetics. For the best results, consider hiring professionals like Roof Master & Construction to deal with minor problems before they snowball into bigger issues.

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