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10 Important Questions You Need to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

Maybe you need a new roof, but you have no idea how to hire a roofer. Roofing work is demanding, and having a squad of experts fix your roof is often a must to have the job done right. It is costly to hire a roofer, and if done wrongly, the whole roofing can flip into ruin. Therefore, being cautious before assigning anyone the job is your best bet.

As you approach different roofers to help replace your roof, there are critical questions that you want to ask them before outsourcing their services. Asking your roofer these questions enables you to avoid running into unwanted surprises along the way. 

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What Questions to Ask a Roofer?

Here are ten questions you need to ask a roofer before signing the contract.

Do You Have a License?

A license is a valid proof of expertise. Therefore, this should be the first question to ask when hiring a roofer. Anyone can claim to be a roofer, and declining to reveal if he is qualified to perform the job means you can suspect that he is a fraud.

Additionally, though different countries and states have distinct requirements, a license is a must in some governments before a roofing contractor can work. The permit serves as your legal bind in case something goes wrong with the project.

How Much Roofing Experience Do You Have?

You wouldn’t want somebody that only has a month or a year of experience to work on something as paramount as a roof. Therefore, the level of expertise is crucial when it comes to roof work. The more experienced a roofer is, the better.

When dealing with a construction company, it is vital to remember that while the company may be young, it doesn’t necessarily mean the team is inexpert. They may have just started their own company of late and be experts in the roofing field.

Is Your Business Local?

When hiring a roofing expert, it is vital to pick one that is local to your area. Always ask a shingles contractor where their physical office location is and ensure they have a local phone number. You’ll know where to find them if you ever have an issue with your roof.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

When investing in a roofing project, you need to ask and look up how long they have been in business around your area. Companies that don’t offer high-quality services tend to not stay in business for long.

However, roofing companies that can survive for many years prove they have a track record of contented clients. Therefore, ask the roofers how long they have been in business to decide which class they may fit into. 

How Will You Protect My Yard and Landscape During the Project?

Sometimes the process of replacing or repairing a roof is chaotic. You don’t want additional costs added to your roofing budget to repair your lawn and landscaping. It is, therefore, essential to have a chat with your roofer about likely problem areas.

Do You Have Full Roofing Insurance?

When hiring a roofing contractor, the experts you intend to hire must own full roofing coverage and not just contractor’s insurance. Various roofing companies will try to pass their contractor’s insurance as complete coverage, but in reality, it simply isn’t as widespread as full roofing insurance.

Note that if a roofing company doesn’t provide the right coverage for their squad, if one of their team members falls and isn’t covered, they may be able to sue you. If you opt to hire them, don’t feel hesitant in demanding documentation from the roofing company’s insurance provider with your address on it.

Can I Receive a Written Estimate?

A credible roofing company should feel confident and calm, providing you with a written estimate of the job. Avoid settling into a contract with a roofer until you get a written approximation detailing the costs for the job and an explanation from the contractor. Be sure to ask about the cost of ripping up the old roof and the new top.

Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Roofing Job?

In your venture to hire a roofer, ask how long the roofing company guarantees its work. Though a roof warranty typically lasts for a year, some roofers offer more extended warranties.

Manufacturers typically cover the materials, while the roofer covers the work. These are two distinct warranties, so ask the roofer what is covered under each warranty and the length.

Will You Remove the Old Roof?

It is very unsafe to install a new roof over an old top. When replacing an existing roof, one of the things to consider when replacing a roof is to ask whether the old roof will get checked. If your contractor refuses to fit the loft, then you should not employ him.

Additionally, failing to inspect for any worn-out shingles, rotten wood potentially add up in your future bills and will become a hefty fine. Ensure the roofer agrees to get rid of and exhaustively inspect your old roof first.

How Busy Is Your Company?

The last thing you want is a company dragging out the work over weeks or months. Therefore, before you sign a contract with a roofing company, hiring an expert who will complete the job on time is crucial. 

Anytime you think of a roofing professional, ensure you ask them how busy they have been. That can aid you in deciding if the roofers are overbooked or most likely won’t be able to handle your task.

Final Words

If you didn’t know what to ask a roofer before hiring, the above questions are essential to ask before the job starts. There are a lot of roofing companies out there, and you’ll want to ensure you’re dealing with a company that fulfills their client’s needs. Asking the queries can assist you in narrowing down your choices and find the right roofer for you.

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