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Is It Possible to Restore Your Metal Roofs?

Old and rusted metal roofs create an impression that they need restoration as soon as possible. Despite being durable and reliable, metal roofs sometimes depreciate in look, compromising their protective features. However, you can prolong your roof’s life and save money with proper maintenance and timely restoration.

To ensure that your home, business, or family is safe, you need to inspect often and maintain your metal roof. A roofing expert can inspect the roof for signs of damages and vouch for a restoration. If you plan to restore your roof, here is a comprehensive guide to help you know what to expect from the restoration task.

Learn more about rusted metal roofs, other types of metal roof damage, and how to restore your roof to be good as new.

What Are the Types of Metal Roofs?

The specifics of a roof restoration process depend on the type of material initially chosen for the roof. Distinct metal roofs require different restoration techniques and applications.

Before going on with the details of a metal roof restoration, there are various metal roofs. Knowing their flaws and strengths will help you in picking the best restoration approach.


Zincalume is a specifically designed roofing material. It is a combination of silicone, zinc, and aluminum made entirely from recycled materials. That makes it environmentally friendly and fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime.

Zincalume is durable and can withstand harsh weather. It comes with an advanced defense against corrosion sealed into the sheet’s coating system. Metal roofing is cheap compared to other alternative metal roof products.


COLORBOND is among the most common metal roof brands. It is designed precisely for severe weather and provides a robust and secure solution. Also, the metal roofing product withstands wind, rain, cold, heat, dust, and hail.

Apart from its exceptional performance, COLORBOND also looks appealing when installed and is available in 14 contemporary and eight classic colors


Zinc is another metal roofing material if you are eyeing an extremely long lifespan. It minimizes the need for restoration, replacement, and repair. On average, zinc lasts up to 100 years in an ideal environment, making it the best option for residential, school, and commercial buildings.

The lightweight material is sturdy and durable such that it doesn’t apply a lot of pressure on your building structure. Besides, zinc is a great option if you want to form your roof into non-standard shapes since it is soft and easy to form. However, any changes in shape will require professional input.

Signs Your Roof Needs Restoration

A good metal roof keeps your building safe and adds value to the asset. Metal is prone to rust and deterioration. Therefore, there comes a time to invest more to restore its original look and features. Apart from rust, here are other common signs that your roof needs restoration.

  • Faded or dull metal sheets
  • Fungus and moss growth
  • Holes in the roof metal sheets
  • Leaks or ceiling watermarks
  • Loose and damaged metal sheets and flashings
  • Reduced thermal control
  • Rotting woodwork at the roof edges
  • Rusty downpipes or gutters
  • Rusty screws and loose nails

The above issues are signs that your metal roof requires immediate attention. Failing to tackle this on time could lead to further damages. If the damage becomes too severe, the roof may need to be replaced altogether. 

How to Restore a Metal Roof

Restoring a metal roof is a pretty simple process. However, an appropriate metal roof restoration project comes with a general sequence.

Stage One: Roof Assessment

It is at this point that you will notice any signs of wear on your roof. After inspecting the roof by yourself, be prepared to answer questions from the roofing company you are hiring for the restoration job. 

Always use safety equipment when climbing on your roof. Alternatively, you can hire a roofing company to assess the roof and provide you with a quote. 

Stage Two: Roof Preparation

Proper metal roof restoration requires careful preparations. For example, if your roof is beyond two meters high, the first preparation measure is to install guard rails. The next step is to scour the whole rooftop and remove debris and dirt. That will allow you to apply any coatings to a clean surface.

Use pressure cleaning tools to remove rust stains, peelings, or detach old coatings to allow better adhesion of applying a new coat.

Stage Three: Restore The Metal Roof

The exact restoration method depends on the nature of the damage and the type of roof. For example, if you intend to restore a rusted roof, the first step should include securing all loose sheets. You should also replace rusted screws and nails.

The next step is to remove any traces of rust since any bits left on the rusted metal roofing material will later lead to further oxidation and rusting. Apply rust primers on the clean surface to ensure the metal is rust-proof and improve the later adhesion of the roofing membrane.

After securing all sheets and flashings and exhaustively eliminating rust from the roof, it is time to conclude the restoration project. Start by smearing a primer to the metal to prepare the surface and ensure better adhesion. Allow the primer to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can add two to three hours to the drying time if the humidity is high.

The next thing is to apply two coats of the metal roof membrane. But, the type of membrane depends on the type of metal. 

Advantages of Metal Roof Restoration

  • Saving time and money
  • Longer roof lifespan
  • Cooler roof and building temperature
  • Avoid bigger problems
  • Improve your building’s sustainability
  • Give your roof a new look
  • New warranty

Final Words

Having a well-maintained roof is paramount when it comes to guarding your business or family. Rusted metal roofs are not only nasty but could be hazardous. Therefore, if you notice any sign that your metal roof requires proper restoration, a reliable roofing company is your best option to fix the issue on time.

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