Roofing Costs: How Much Does It Cost To Raise Roof On A House?

Roofing Costs: How Much Does It Cost To Raise Roof On A House?

If you feel that your house is smaller and doesn’t meet your needs anymore, you have the option to raise the roof instead of moving to a bigger one. A high ceiling adds a particular dramatic aesthetic to your space.

It’s the ultimate facelift for your home, especially if you have a flat ceiling. But first, it’s essential to realize how much it will cost to raise your roof. Compare that cost to other options so that you may pick what best suits you.

So, how much does it cost to raise a roof? 

The typical cost range for raising a roof is $15,000 – $125,000. Our team at Roof Master is happy to provide you with more information on the matter and perhaps even be open to negotiations. Still, don’t compromise on quality when raising your roof.

On your quest to find answers to “how much does it cost to raise a roof?” you will find out that there are factors in play.

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Roof on a House in the USA?

Raising a roof involves several steps. You may also have to remove, replace, or move plumbing and electric work during the process. Unfortunately, these tasks can increase the cost of raising a roof. Here are some of the expenses you’ll likely incur.

  • Architect fees: $2,020-$8,600
  • Building permit fees: $400-$2,000
  • Existing roof removal: $1-$5 per square footage
  • Gable walls extension: $14-$22 per square footage
  • Gable walls extension finishing: $5.50-$16 per square footage
  • New roof structure, labor, and materials: $16-$22 per square footage
  • Roof trusses cost: $7,200-$12,000
  • Roofing and siding installation: $15-$18 per square footage
  • Site plan: $85-$500
  • Structural engineer fees: $350-$750

Variables That Affect the Cost of Raising a Roof

Various things affect how much you have to pay to raise a roof. You have to consider them when planning a budget for the project.

The Size of the Roof

Ultimately, the size of your roof is the most significant element regarding roof-raising cost. A more extensive roof will require more material, so it’s best to set aside enough money accordingly. Also, a more extensive roof requires you to secure more labor which you will also have to pay for.

When size seems to get in the way of raising your roof, you can divide the project into portions. That way, there’s a more suitable labor distribution. Do this after deliberating with your contractor if that is the best thing to do with factors like weather considered.

Roof Complexity and Accessibility

How much does it cost to raise a roof pitch regarding roof complexity and accessibility? Roof complexity has become a subject of cost concern, especially when you want to have additional features, such as chimneys and skylights.

When raising your roof, you would add some things to convert the space below it. Without question, you will have to pay for the additions. You can ask your contractor about possible discounts for such installation, which could save you a few cents.

Access to the Site

Cost counts when it comes to how accessible the roof is. For instance, there is a difference in price if your roof can be assembled offsite or does it need onsite installation. For an offsite assembly, a crane would be necessary, in which case it’s best to be ready to pay extra.

Another aspect that influences cost in terms of accessibility is how difficult it would be to access a roof, especially when it needs onsite assembling. Your workforce might take longer to get the work done besides requiring more equipment. 

Trees, valleyed terrain, and chimneys would make accessing the roof more challenging, adding to the overall cost of raising a roof. Your contractor can help you with a solution if extra charges are not something you would be willing to accommodate.

Removal and Disposal of Old Roof Materials

You might find that charges for removing the older roofing materials come separately. The cost to remove a roof depends on the type and size of the roof you want to remove. Removal of multiple layered shingles is more expensive compared to some roofing materials.

It takes extra labor and time to get rid of an old layered shingle roof. Usually, the cost of removal and disposal of old roofs are combined. Heavy materials will cost more to remove and dispose of, and it ends up affecting the overall cost of raising the roof.


Your location may affect the cost of raising a roof if it’s extensive. Depending on your site, you may be required to ensure you have specific permits before undertaking the project.

You have to pay fees to get a permit, and they too vary from location to location. Some licenses are available at a flat rate, while the scope of your project determines the cost of a permit. Let your contractor tell you if you need a permit and what it might cost as you plan a budget.

Type of House Frame

Some types of frames warrant more labor. For instance, a stick frame requires more intensive work since it requires removing and rebuilding. On the other hand, a truss framed roof is simpler and cheaper to raise since the contractor can remodel it offsite.

Also, the slope of the frame may affect the cost of raising a roof.

Working on steep slants requires caution and more safety equipment and time.

Additional Works and Repairs

Your contractor might have to modify some parts of the house for it to support the weight of the new raised roof. It might mean that you have to get materials to cover additions and repairs for the home.

If any parts of the frame to be raised have damage, it would require repairs first. It’s a matter of safety that you shouldn’t overlook.

Final Words

To get answers to “how much does it cost to raise the roof on a house?”, it helps if you get a roofing expert involved from the start. You cannot afford to use guesswork and basic knowledge, even if you are an expert on roofing matters.

Ensuring that you have all the facts about cost allows you to adjust what you can for a project to suit your budget. Raising a roof has numerous advantages that make it a profitable investment.

It can save you from planning for renovations on the entire house to create more space in your home. Find an experienced roofing contractor, like one of our team members at Roof Master, and see how you can make your budget work.

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