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6 Smart and Easy Ways to Clean Gutters From The Ground

For many homeowners, how to clean gutters from the ground remains stressful. One way to make this job more manageable is to clean the gutters while standing on the floor. It is safer working from the ground than working from the roof or a ladder.

Keeping your gutters clean can prolong their lifespan. Thankfully, this guide explains some of the smart and easiest ways to clean your gutters from the ground. These tips will help you clean your gutters the right way without risking falling off the ladder. 

Let’s face it!

What is the Best Way to Clean Gutters from the Ground?

High-pressure flushers, specially-designed gutter rakes, or a gutter vacuum attachment are among the best tools when cleaning your gutters. The items make it possible to clear the dirt out of your gutters securely and competently from ground level.

Here are some of the best ways to clean gutters from the ground.

Power Washers

When the rain hits before you get a chance to clean your gutters, dirt may get sticky and wet. This makes tools like air compressors and leaf blowers more challenging to work with. In such cases, a power washer becomes a better method to use.

A power washer is an excellent selection when a need to clean your house gutters arises. You can safely and firmly stand on the ground and use the gadget to clear debris from the trenches.

The most convenient gutter cleaning option requires an extension wand to reach the furthest end of the gutters. For example, you can opt for a u-shaped telescoping wand attachment at the end so you can clean the gutters from ground level.

After cleaning, the rubbles will scatter the ground at the bottom of the downspouts. You can pick the debris with gloved hands, using a rake, or sweep it away using water and a broom.

The only disadvantage to using this smart way is that you are going to get untidy. So, it’s crucial to wear goggles while cleaning the drainages to avoid debris getting in your eyes. Also, wear waterproof clothes to aid you to have a safe time when working.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/ dry vacuums are among the best tools to use when cleaning your gutters from the ground. The method is ideal for gutters filled with mostly dry pine needles, twigs, and stress-free leaves to clear out. The good news is, the tool comes with many features. 

Its features enable you to adjust the attachment’s overall length to have an easier time directing the nozzle and placing it in the gutter. In addition, the tubes come from robust plastics that offer a firm wand that keeps its shape as air pass through it. 

If you get extra innovative, you can easily make your vacuum extension using plastic tubes. Always bend the last tube at an angle for easier access to the gutters when cleaning.

It can be a challenge to blow wet leaves using a wet/dry vacuum. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the gutters during sunny days. Due to the product’s high cost, look at any local store or services where you can rent the gutter vacuum.

Use a Gutter Vacuum

The gutter vacuum works like a standard vacuum. However, it comes with extensions designed to clear your gutters and assist you in cleaning them without any falling debris. So you don’t need to spend extra time and energy cleaning up that fallen debris.

Gutter vacuums come with various models such as Vortex, GutterProVac, and SkyVac. Each model comes with its unique features and can extend up to 12 meters in height. That makes gutter cleaners among the best options in the market.

Use Gutter Tongs

This is among the most significant innovations that won’t get your hands dirty. It is an easy way to clean your gutters from the ground. The gutter washing tool is a long pole with a trigger at the grip to control the absorbing motion of tongs at the other end. 

When cleaning, extend the tool way up the gutter and then gradually run it down into the gutter and pull the string. The spike will then grip the clogged leaves, leaving them for you to dispose of. Gutter tongs are ideal for hard-to-access points of your gutters

Try Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools

You can find telescopic gutter cleaning tools from various retail stores. The cleaning tools come with long poles that you can deploy in different ways to help you clean your gutters. Thankfully, they are pocket-friendly compared to other cleaning products.

Some telescopic tools come with a claw arm for grabbing debris that clogs your gutters. Other telescopic cleaning tools feature a simple cleaning pad to support you remove debris by running the pad through the drain. So select what works best on your gutters.

Use Your Hose Pipe

Using a hosepipe is the simplest way to clean your gutters. A garden hose pipe joined with a u-shaped cleaning attachment can handle minor gutter clogs. However, ensure the pipe is long enough to reach all of your gutters from the ground.

When cleaning your home gutters using a hosepipe, fix the attachment to the pipe’s mouth and lift it so that the other end is above your gutters. Then, using adequate pressure, clean the gutters from one end and work your way towards a downspout.

If you still note that your gutters aren’t draining or find big masses of materials getting flushed by the hose, your gutters are more blocked than a hose can handle. Therefore, it is time to look for a more powerful gutter cleaning tool.

Final Words

You can, without a doubt, take care of your gutters without stepping on a ladder. Keeping your gutters clean not only guarantees that it works efficiently, but it will aid in preventing issues that can hastily get very serious and costly in the future.

Consider the above options and decide on the one that suits you. However, if you have a tall house, it is better to hire professionals or use telescopic tools to help you clean your gutters from the ground. Roof Master can take care of your roofing needs.

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