Switch to Solar in Lubbock and Save Money

Solar energy isn’t just about saving the environment — making the switch to solar in Lubbock can also save you thousands a year. Depending on your solar set up, switching to solar in Lubbock may even help provide resilience against power outages.

These are some of the reasons thousands are switching to solar in Lubbock

Solar saves households and businesses hundreds of dollars a month in electricity costs. Some households even report months with $0 electricity bills!

Less reliance on electricity price fluctuations and usage fluctuations.

Potential resilience against power outages, depending on the solar power system.

A federal tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the solar system and installation costs

Additional tax credits on roof replacement when done in tandem with solar installation for commercial buildings.

Roof Master Keeps Your Roof Safe During Solar Installation

Making the switch to solar in Lubbock can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run, but installation can be tricky. Solar panels are installed on the roof, but not every roof can withstand the weight of solar panels, and damage to your roof can occur during installation. 

Roof Master is proud to offer FREE pre and post installation inspections to ensure that your roof is ready for solar panels, and that no damage occurs during installation.

Solar installation

Residential Solar Installation

Reduce your electricity bill and save on taxes with residential solar installation. Roof Master offers FREE installation inspections to look after the integrity of your roof.

Commercial Solar Installation

Roof Master can take care of your roof replacement and solar installation. Do both at the same time to get more tax credits and save thousands on your business’ electricity costs.

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