What are Canopy Roofs?

A canopy roof is a roofing structure often installed as shelter from rain and sun. 

Canopy roofs can also be decorative if they separate a particular building section. Typical canopy rooftops don’t have walls supporting the sides.

Canopy rooftops always prove helpful when you want to secure space for outdoor meetings or gatherings, especially canopy porch roofs. When it comes to choosing the suitable material for canopy rooftops, there are various choices you can go with.

Manufacturers explore various materials to make canopies, so you will not miss the kind of canopy you want. For instance, glass canopy roofs provide a stunning look for your home. You should install a canopy roof that can cancel the sound of falling raindrops.

If you plan to invest in canopy roofs but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides essential information about canopy rooftops.

Advantages of Canopy Roofs

Every material used to make a canopy roof has advantages, such as the ability to protect you from harsh weather conditions. For instance, the sun does not access your front door or deck if you have a porch canopy roof.

Another general advantage of a canopy roof is that it adds curb appeal. It’s a necessary element with an emotional appeal that you won’t find with other roofing structures like it.

Here is a breakdown of the advantages of canopies by material:

Glass Canopy Roofs

You could never go wrong installing a glass canopy roof. Glass roof canopies offer qualities that no other type of roofing can offer.

When installing the glass canopy, you might have to pay a little more than other types of canopy roofing materials, but you get what you pay for. In this case, high-quality performance. The advantages of glass canopy roofs include;

  • Provides an appealing polished appearance
  • Facilitates stargazing and bird viewing since they are transparent
  • Cancels the sound of heavy rains (if that’s a quality you are interested in)

Polycarbonate Canopy Roofs

The characteristics of polycarbonate are close to those of glass. It’s transparent like glass, except that the latter is more brittle. Polycarbonate installation in a section with trees makes more sense. 

Here are the advantages you get from a polycarbonate canopy.

  • Polycarbonate canopy roofs are insulators against heat
  • Available in tinted, translucent, or opal
  • Come with UV filters
  • Cost-effective
  • Fire resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Considerably long life expectancy at 25 years

Reinforced Plastic

Reinforced plastic contains glass fiber infused with the polyester resin matrix. Having glass reinforcements allow reinforced plastic canopy roofs to perform as expected. 

The advantages of reinforced plastic canopy roofs include;

  • Highly versatile
  • Has UV protection capabilities
  • You can get roof canopies in various colors.
  • Durable

How to Install a Canopy Roof

Installing canopy roofs is straightforward, especially for a free-standing canopy. The first thing you have to do is prepare the area you plan to install your awning.

  • Start by installing perimeter flashing and perimeter base extrusions. The perimeter extrusion is where you will fasten the first rafter. 
  • Once that is down, you can proceed to set the second and third rafters on the perimeter base extrusions again.
  • Proceed to fasten the remaining rafters to the framing and the intermediate support structure
  • Next, you can start installing the starter panel between the first two rafters. The pressure caps go over the glazed rafters.
  • Check the installation to note which parts require foam inserts or sealed joints. Once you are through with the brief inspection, install pressure caps before installing the next glazing panel.
  • Install the remaining glazing panels and pressure caps flowed by the perimeter cover caps.
  • Finally, install the gutters, flashing, and downspouts.

The manufacturer of your canopy roof may provide instructions on installing it. That way, the process might be more straightforward than you’d expect.

Maintenance of Canopy Roofs

It’s easy to overlook maintenance for canopy roofs. 

Maintaining canopy roofs is essential because they contribute to curbing appeal. Failing to maintain your canopy roof affects its appearance and leads to damage.

Maintenance is essential, and you must take straightforward steps to complete maintenance. Here is a rundown of how you go about it.

  • Clear the Gutters

Clearing gutters is straightforward and should take you a few minutes. It’s a simple procedure that eventually saves you from spending money on future replacements. A blocked drain does not hold rainwater and will likely let itself on the floor.

It’s a hazard, especially when it’s snowing and likely to be icy. Also, water falling when you walk underneath the canopy is likely an event that will cause discomfort.

  • Wash Your Canopy Roof 

Cleaning your canopy roof every four to six months keeps it new and shiny. Cleaning canopies like polycarbonate requires warm water and some soap. Doing this preserves the glossy finish on some of your canopy roofs, eroded by photo-oxidation.

Dirt and debris cause a change in appearance. Look out for when your canopy roof starts looking dull and faded.

  • Inspection Before the Rainy Season

Inspecting a canopy roof allows you to spot issues on time before the rainy season. Having any repairs done in the rainy season would be problematic and expensive.

Where to Buy Canopy Roofs

You can get canopy roofs at your local roofing materials dealers. Once there, you have the chance to learn from experts about canopy roofing. You also have the opportunity to settle for materials that fit within your budget and goal. Ensure you consider your needs.

Invest in a canopy roof that suits its purpose in your home. That’s why different canopy roofs exist, including shade canopies, garden canopies, and retractable designs. You can find other canopy roof designs at your nearest store selling roofing materials.


Canopy roofs have a lot of roofers once installed and maintained correctly. Applying them to your compound changes the aesthetic of your compound. You can select the materials you want to install and expect to benefit from either. 

The good news is that Roof Master & Construction has experienced roofers installing canopy roofs. Contact us today to discuss your canopy roof installation project with our experts.

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