Another popular and common way of referring to a composite roof is a composition roof.

What is a Composition Roof?

Another popular and common way of referring to a composite roof is a composition roof. 

You may be wondering, “what is a composition roof and why are they beneficial?”. A composition roof is a roof made of multiple materials instead of a standard single material like metal or wood.

For instance, a composition roof could be a mixture of laminate, slate fiberglass, and wood. One essential thing to note about this type of roofing is its durability. The average lifespan of a composition roof is 40 years, making it one of the best roofing materials.

This type of roof is as good as any other type of single-material roofing. However, you must maintain it regularly as a standard roof to serve you longer. This article will tell you more about composition roofing, including what it’s made of and the varieties available.

What Is A Composition Roof Made Of and Why?

Manufacturers make composite roofs from recycled plastic, fiberglass, and wood products. The primary ingredient in composition roofs, however, is polyethylene or polyurethane. These materials are often weatherproof, guaranteeing a durable rooftop.

What Are the Types of Composition Roofs?

Manufacturers make a composition roof in three varieties to ensure you have options when choosing a roof that fits your interests. Here is a list of the various types of composition roofs.

3-Tab Shingles

3- tab shingles are your best choice if you work on a tight budget. They are cheap, making them perfect for a first-time homeowner. Installation of 3-tab shingles are also quite affordable compared to standard materials shingles.

The name comes from the fact that they are vertical slots notched into the lower part of the shingle. This variety comes in a primarily tab-like shingle design.

Laminated Composition Shingles

Laminated composition shingles are also composition architectural shingles or dimensional shingles. It’s the variety that your contractor is most likely to recommend among the three types. They are high quality and yet affordable.

Laminated shingles are applicable in roofing because you can modify the thickness. Adding a second tabbed shingle during installation can have the thickness doubled.

Manufacturers design laminated composition shingles to resemble wood or salt. It’s a variety with advantages and aesthetic qualities that you won’t find in other varieties

Premium Composition Shingles

Premium composition shingles are the variety you can get at a high price. The benefit of this type of composition roof is that it has a high aesthetic value and is durable. Roofing contractors recommend it if you want the type resistant to the elements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Composition Roof

Certain factors should guide you when picking the variety of composition roof you would like. Let’s review some of those guiding factors.

  • Cost

Ensure you know how much you will have to spend on a composition roof. Learn how much money to set aside for labor. Compared to standard roofing materials like real slate, a composition roof is more affordable.

Check on the cost of a composite roof in terms of cost per square foot. It’s best to include the cost of flashing and accents you might want to add to your roof. These additions will drive the price higher.

  • What It’s Made Of

The materials used to make a composite roof are eco-friendly. Eco-friendliness in this context applies to how manufacturers obtain that material and how that material reacts with the environment.

You are unlikely to experience this issue since manufacturers have grown more aware of the need to preserve the natural environment by reducing pollution. Composition roofs are often products of recycled materials such as rubber and plastic.

While at it, look at the weight of the roof that you want to put up. It is essential to ensure your roofing system can support that weight.

  • Appearance and Aesthetic Qualities

Composition roofs often come in a design and overall appearance that improves curb appeal. Manufacturers design composition roofs to resemble slate. When examining the aesthetic qualities of composition shingles, look for things like chisel marks that enhance the authentic look.

Look for composite shingles with realistic grain patterns and groves if you want a roof that looks like it has to shake shingles. Ensure you get the kind of roof that matches your needs in terms of aesthetics.

  • Life Expectancy and Durability

Consider getting a composition roof variety that lasts considerably longer. It’s better to pay a high initial cost than have to deal with repairs every so often because you have a weak roof. The average lifespan of a composition roof is about 40 years. Consider this and decide if that would work for you.

  • Material Warranty

When dealing with roof installations, you can choose between a warranty from your contractor and the manufacturer. A composition roof comes with a material warranty prorated after a given time passes.

The manufacturer determines the warranty. Check on this to ensure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions in that regard.

  • Performance against the Elements

It’s essential to find out how the type of composition roof you choose reacts to impact, especially if you live in an area prone to hailstorms. Composition roofs can withstand high winds, reducing the risks of roof damage.

Also, you can check to see if your roof has UV protection. And how much heat it absorbs and retains. See if the composition roof accommodates algae growth to decide how comfortable you are with that possibility.

  • Maintenance

Find out how much maintenance a composition roof needs and how much it will cost. Also, note if maintaining the composition roof requires specific tools and materials.

Final Words

The next time you come across a question like “what is a composition roof?” you already know that it’s a roof made of various materials from its name alone. It’s as functional as a standard roof, especially once you follow the correct installation process.

You also enjoy its aesthetic qualities since manufacturers manipulate it to look like natural roof materials. Work with a professional to get the best out of a composition roof. At Roof Master, we are ready to help you install the best composition roof in your home. Contact us today to discuss your composition roofing project with our expert roofers.

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