How to Get on Roof with Gutters Safely

Cleaning the gutters is essential if you want to keep your roof in good shape, but ensure you first learn how to get on roof with gutters in the way. It is crucial because ladders cause a lot of damage to the gutter system leading to expensive repairs and replacement.  Before going up the roof, first, know the material of your gutters. It is also essential to know the length of the ladder required and the other cleaning tools to …

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How to Repair Rusted Gutters

Gutters are exposed to many elements like water which cause rust, but a rusted gutter repair can lengthen its lifespan. The disadvantage of rust is that it spreads to the rest of the gutters, weakening the entire system.  Rust happens due to the oxidation of materials like steel and aluminum and reduces the aesthetics and function of the entire system. However, don’t worry much about rusted gutters because you can repair them.  Before understanding how to repair these gutters, let …

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Gutter Apron vs. Drip Edge

The drainage system is a crucial part of the house, and comparing a gutter apron vs. drip edge will help you make informed decisions.  Choosing between a gutter apron and a drip edge can be challenging because they have many similarities and a few differences. Luckily, we will make your work easier by distinguishing the features and the pros and cons of each.  But before looking at the differences, it is essential to know what gutter aprons and drip edges …

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how to fix a leaky gutter corner - roof master

A Basic Guide On How to Fix a Leaky Gutter Corner

You can inhibit severe water damage to foundations, sidings, and roofs if you know how to fix a leaky gutter corner. Gutters are a vital part of your roof, whereby any damage should not be taken lightly. Damaged gutters can significantly compromise the safety and resale value of a house. Gutters collect water from your house’s roof and divert it away from the building. You should, therefore, inspect the gutters not less than two times a year to ensure they …

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new gutters - roof master

6 Signs That You Need New Gutters for Your Roof

Ideally, it’s best to replace your old gutters with new gutters the moment you notice issues. Taking care of problems with your gutters prevents damage from extending to unmanageable levels. You must pay attention to the performance of your gutters. Keep in mind that they play a significant role in ensuring even distribution of rainwater which ultimately protects the foundation of your house. Compromised gutters leave rainwater unchecked, which could result in a soggy foundation. Unfortunately, such events eventually pose …

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