Gutter Installation In Lubbock Texas

As much as we love rain, if your house lacks a foolproof gutter system, the rainy season can turn into a messy affair for you. Proper gutters are essential to keep the sanctity of your house intact. Besides ensuring a proper outlet for the rainwater, they also give your house a sleek and organized look.

If you are looking for an adept gutter installation contractor in Lubbock should you happen to live there, you’re in luck as Roof Master & Construction has you covered!

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Gutter Installation Overview

There are a lot of things, big and small, that go into installing the perfect gutter system. Here is an overview of how we at Roof Master & Construction take care of your gutter installation needs.

How We Handle Gutter Installation

When you call us for gutter installation, we bring all the necessary tools required therein.

This includes:

The above list is only illustrative and not exhaustive.

Gutter Installation Steps

Step #1: Inspection

We first take a look at the fascia and soffit for signs of rotten wood. Needless to say, rotten wood needs to be replaced.

Also, if there is any trim board or crown molding fixated to the fascia, it needs to be removed as well.

However, as per your preference, we can alternatively attach a continuous strip of wood to get the flat pane needed for rain gutter installation.

Step #2: Planning

A thorough analysis of the house is done and its various segments are sketched, measured, and analyzed to exactly gauge the following:

  1. Dimensions of the gutters to be installed
  2. Location of downspouts
  3. Size of downspouts
  4. Slope of the gutters
  5. Number of elbows and brackets required
  6. The need for roof hanger mounting straps

Step #3: Cutting and Rejoining Gutter

Once the measurements are done and finalized, we get on with the task and start cutting and assembling the gutter on the ground.

It’s much more convenient to execute this task on the ground and then install the structure on the roof and seams of the house.

After notching, the gutters are joined together with the help of rivets and waterproof sealants.

We at Roof Master & Construction ensure that your gutters are as seamless as possible because sectional gutters are prone to leakages.

Step #4: Outlets Installation For Downspouts

This task too is carried out on the ground – makes the process quicker, assuring, and safe.

Step #2 provided us with the measurements we needed. With their help, we cut holes in the gutters where the downspouts will be attached once the gutters are fixated to your homes.

Step #5: Attaching The Gutters and Downspouts

Now that we have everything in place, it’s time for the final step in gutter installation.

After ensuring that there is an adequate slope for the rainwater to easily barge in and settle in the gutters, we screw the gutters to the fascia, add gutter flashing, and hook on the gutter hanging straps to provide the support the gutters need.

Once the gutters are properly attached to your house, our focus then shifts to the downspouts and their proper installation.

The connection between the downspouts and the gutters is brought about by elbows. And to ensure that the downspouts aren’t lingering in thin air, they are attached to the wall of the house with the help of brackets.

Pro Tip: Maintenance of the gutters determines their longevity to a great extent. To negate problems such as backed-up gutters and clogged downspouts, make a note that you clean them of leaves and dirt at least twice a year.

Our Gutter Installation Services In Lubbock Texas

If you seek gutter installation for your house, office, or both, you’ll be glad to learn that we cater to the needs of every individual (or building) in Lubbock – you wouldn’t have to knock on different doors for your different doors.

Residential Gutter Installation Services

As the name suggests, residential gutter installations are mostly for homes. They run along the edge of the roof. K-style and U-shaped are the most common gutters used for residential purposes.

Commercial Gutter Installation Services

There can be several intricacies when we talk about gutter installation in commercial buildings.

Firstly, the installation process in itself is quite different. The roofs of commercial buildings tend to be flat, hence box gutters are the preferred choice.

Secondly, you need to abide by the laws (if any) when installing gutters in commercial buildings. Such laws may spill out certain guidelines regarding the size of the gutters, location of drainage, etc.

Why Do You Need An Expert?

The demarcation between residential and commercial gutter installation is of pivotal importance.

This is because a wrong selection of the gutter type can not only ruin the overall look and aesthetics of the building, but it can also have serious repercussions.

Some of the negative effects of a flawed or incorrect gutter installation include damage to the gutters and the building, frequent leakages, mental agony and frustration, and more investment of time and money into installing the perfect gutter system.

You’ll be better off if you choose an expert who has the proper know-how and the skills to give you what you want.

Call Roof Master & Construction For Your Gutter Installation Needs

While there are a lot of gutter installation companies in Lubbock TX, we at Roof Master & Construction ensure that your gutters are installed by following every rule in the book. Be it for your humble abode or your stunning office, we provide the best gutter installation services. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to say goodbye to rainwater drainage issues – contact us now on (806) 780-7663.
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