Duro-Last Roofs in Lubbock Texas

Roof Master Duro-Last roofs represent the cutting edge of roofing technology. Duro-Last roofs are custom-fabricated PVC roofing systems. They have many advantages over traditional roofing techniques and are taking the roofing industry by storm.

Roof Master & Construction can install Duro-Last roofs in a way that almost no other roofing company can, with our 25 years of experience. Let us explain the differences and advantages, and see if a Duro-Last roof is a right choice for you.

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What is a Duro-Last Roof?

A Duro-Last roof is a holistic roofing solution. They’re installed Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky, and are custom made to shape for each application. They’re unlike any other roofing solution and have serious benefits associated with them.

Roof Master & Construction are Duro-Last experts. We’ve installed enough Duro-Last roofs to know how to measure them effectively without any uncovered areas. We’ve also installed enough to know the keys to a successful installation. We can give you a free inspection on a Duro-Last roof quickly and effectively, and won’t let you down on the installation.

A Duro-Last roof is a serious commitment, though we’re confident it’ll be the best roof you’ve ever had. We can help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages and together we can decide whether a Duro-Last roof is right for you.

Benefits of a Duro-Last Roof

Duro-Last roofs are extremely durable. They’re watertight, reflective, resistant to chemicals and fire damage, and highly wind-resistant. They also feature extremely low maintenance. Because they’re a custom fabricated membrane, rather than a traditional roof, they are less susceptible to some of the common problems associated with normal roofs.

Custom Fabricated Roof

When you place an order for a Duro-Last roof, you’re connecting directly with the manufacturer. They manufacturer the entire roof in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and maintain extremely tight tolerances. Up to 85% of the seams in the roof will arrive pre-sealed. This means that the most common area where leaks can start is already protected from installation issues. Duro-Last has an extremely talented quality assurance team that ensures that your entire roof is in amazing shape before it leaves the factory. And when it does, our expert team is ready to install it. 

Duro-Last Warranty

Duro-Last roofs come with best-in-class warranties. They offer different levels of protection, depending on your application. These include Duro-Last Supreme Warranty, Duro-Last Ultra Warranty, Duro-Last Basic Warranty, and the Duro-Last Residential Warranty. These warranties represent a whole host of coverage options, and we can better explain which warranty package makes sense for you. Whichever warranty you choose, the Duro-Last commitment to quality represents the firm belief that Duro-Last has that your roof will be the best roofing solution you’ve ever undertaken.

Why do Duro-last Roofs have the Highest Quality?

Duro-Last® Custom-Fabricated System

The proprietary Duro-Last product is the advanced thermoplastic formulation that they have mastered. It has the qualities of flexibility, reflectivity, as well as a natural resistance to UV light, fire damage and some common chemicals. Duro-Last roofs are also thick enough to provide the strength and durability of a conventional roofing system, but with an opportunity to utilize this advanced technology to reduce leaks and damage.

Duro-Last Design Series

The Duro-Last Design Series including the Rock-Ply and Shingle-Ply options has a more traditional aesthetic look with a shingle or ballast design printed onto the proprietary Duro-Last roof. This means that your roof may look traditional, but’s performance is much, much better.


Duro-Tuff products are ideal for projects where a full Duro-Last roof might not be the best choice. These provide a cost-efficient, watertight solution backed by Duro-Last’s manufacturing efforts.


Duro-Fleece products combine the PVC membrane with a high-quality fleece material on the underside. These are ideal for many different applications or roof substrates.

Duro-Last® EV

Duro-Last EV membranes are similar to the traditional Duro-Last membrane but include the added benefit of extreme cold weather resistance. This style of membrane is also flexible and weldable and could be perfect for your cold-weather needs.

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