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Commercial Roofing

In our 30 years of business at Roof Master, we have gained extensive experience with commercial roofing. We live and work in Lubbock.

We are West Texas business owners and thereby have many of the same concerns as you. One of those concerns is the effect the elements can have on our place of business.

You can trust us, insured, and licensed by the City of Lubbock, to provide you and your business the peace-of-mind you need to get on with the other, more important aspects to your business. Commercial roofing can vary vastly in scope and material. Our standards that we employ for our residential clients also applies to to our commercial clients.

We are dedicated to getting you a new roof that is built with quality craftsmanship and materials.

All of our commercial roofs are inspected by our staff.

Commercial Roofing Clients

Roof Master Commercial Steel Roofing Rudys

Roof Master Commercial Shingle Roof Residence Inn