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Roof Master has been serving the Plainview community and beyond with top-notch roofing services. Join the group of homeowners and residents who’ve trusted us with their roofing needs for years. We guarantee your home and office space access to high-quality roofing materials and designs. 

Our remarkably qualified roof contractors deliver quality roof repairs, installation, and replacement to keep your home warm and dry. We’re indeed the roof masters and the trusted providers needed to meet your roofing needs

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Why choose us?

We’re known for protecting buildings with our rigorous and high-quality standards of roofing materials. Among the very few reputable roofing companies in Plainview, our services are preferred due to years of creating lasting relationships. You get a free on-site evaluation of your property with recommendations and a price quotation before payment. 

Partnering with us on your roofing project guarantees your building an up-to-date roofing design. We guarantee your home and office space all-around roofing protection by using high-quality materials. Our craftsmanship of roof repair in Plainview is second to none in the entire region. We deliver first-hand the best roof repairs, replacement, and installation services.

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Locally Owned and operated

5-year warranty on re-roofs

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Signs that your roof needs a Repair

When You've Got a Saggy Roof Anywhere:

An inspection should immediately follow a noticeably saggy roof even when it's not leaking. A professional investigation helps to point if there's a problem in the attic or a foundation support issue.

A 25-year Old Roof:

The NHIA (National Housing Inspectors Association) mandates a 25-30 years lifespan on roofs on every property. The 25-year mark is enough time to get your roof inspected for possible breaks, leaks, or sagging areas.

Presence of Algae & Moss:

Worn-out roofs collect debris which serves as the home for moss, mould, and algae. The presence of algae on your roof most likely means that it needs replacement or at least a repair.

Our Emergency Roof Repair Service In Plainview, Tx

We help you protect yourself from the hassle and risk attached to DIY emergency roof repairs. Our immediate response roof repair contractors examine and fix damaged areas in no time. In the case of an emergency, we deploy an inspection as well as a roof repair contractor to handle your residential and commercial roof damage. Call in for emergency response on your roof repairs today!

We provide comprehensive emergency coverage for our clients. This makes us treat your emergency roof repair or replacement services with the utmost priority. Upon contact, we’ll help you analyze the source and recommend waterproofing solutions if possible. We’ve studied the pattern of roof leaking and damage for years. This aids us in providing the best emergency repair services in Plainview, Texas.

Our Roofing Services In Plainview, Texas

Our expertise in roof repairs and replacement services comes from years of delivering high-quality and reliable roofing services. In the last years, we’ve worked with residential and commercial clients providing extraordinary roofing services. We guarantee the appropriate use of materials and equipment, using the finest roofing products for your building projects.

Residential Roofing

We bring to your home the delightful protection of high-quality roofing materials with a professional finish. Our team of skilled roof contractors work on regular maintenance of residential apartments. We offer you a wide selection of roofing materials and designs to help you make the most suitable choice—rest assured of a prolonged lifespan of the roof after fixing.
Working with our team of roofing professionals on routine checks and inspection of your roof guarantees the efficiency of your roofing system. We’re skilled at dealing with ice dams of your residential roofing system caused by snow to installing exquisite skylights and sun tunnels in selected areas of your residence.

Commercial Roofing

We understand the essence of keeping your workplace 100% conducive and welcoming to customers. Our professional commercial roofing in Plainview, TX. cuts across a wide range of office buildings and structures. With the architectural design sorted out, our team of experts walks you through roof design options.
We work with the owners of industrial and commercial buildings in Plainview to help with their overall roofing inspection and maintenance. As an expert in commercial roofing, we often customize our roof layout to suit your style and preference. We work hand-in-hand with your building design team to achieve the grand commercial building you dream of.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Your roof installation in Plainview requires a team of professionals with years of experience in roofing design and fittings. For your roof to require sudden replacement, it means factors are affecting its lifespan. Before our roof replacement in Plainview, we carry out a systematic analysis of the old roof. The analysis helps to determine the changes needed for the new roofing. We provide full roof installation services to residential and commercial buildings in Plainview.

Roof Repairs

We help you realize that your roof might be worth saving and not require a total replacement. Our roof repair services in Plainview begin with a detailed inspection of the roof areas, including the wood decking. We treat your home like the most cherished asset that it is by ensuring the leaks and tear caused by high winds are fixed promptly. Get high-quality roof repairs with us today!

We only approve highly skilled roof repair contractors with expertise in spotting and fixing roof repair in Plainview. Call in for your roof repairs now!

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