Roof Inspection Services in Lubbock, Texas

A regular roof inspection allows for early detection and resolution of damages to your roof—before it becomes too severe and costly to repair. Roof Master provides professional residential and commercial roof inspection services in Lubbock, Texas.

Our qualified roof inspectors will come to your home or place of business and inspect your roof for any signs of damages and wear and tear, and recommend the best solution suited for your roof.

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Why Choose Us for your Roof Inspection

As a local family-owned business, Roof Master and Construction takes pride in having established close relationships with its customers and the community. This is why our customers consider us the most trusted roof inspection company in Lubbock. Our on-site experts perform a detailed external inspection of your roof, followed by a home/building walkthrough in order to recommend the best solution for your roofing needs.

When you choose Roof Master for your residential and commercial roof inspection, you choose:

Detailed inspection of your property

Free, no obligation damage assessment

Exceptional customer service

Superior materials and workmanship

Fully Licensed and insured contractors

Competitive prices

On-site consultation and honest recommendations Free, no obligation damage assessment

Types of Roofs we Inspect

You can trust Roof Master and Construction to inspect and repair your roof with the utmost care. For all our roof inspections in Lubbock and the surrounding areas, we take our time to inspect the exterior and the interior structure thoroughly. For the exterior, we focus on any sections that may not be visible from the ground, such as missing or damaged shingles. We also carefully inspect the inner structure for any signs of damages or wear and tear, such as peeling paint or wallpaper. And finally, we inspect around the property for any debris.

You can depend on Roof Master to perform a detailed inspection of your roof, followed by an honest on-site consultation. We inspect shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, and skylights, among others.

Roofing Inspections 101

While it is tempting to inspect your roof yourself, it is extremely important to get a professionally trained roof inspector to prevent bigger and costly repairs in the future. The roof protects our home against elements like hail, wind, rain, and snow. This is why it can develop problems that require fixes. Use this infographic to check for any warning signs both in the interior and the exterior of your home that indicate the need of a repair. Addressing these repairs in time can save you the expense of replacing your entire roof ($7,000 – $24,000). Depending on the type of roof, a detailed roof inspection from a reputable company includes the following:

A detailed exterior inspection checklist

  • Inspection of the roof
  • Check for debris/clean debris
  • Check for ponding water
  • Look at the flashing
  • Check for any cracks and tears
  • Check edge detail
  • Check Shingle (curling, blistering, or missing)
  • Inspect the gutters
  • Inspect downspouts

A detailed indoor inspection checklist

  • Ceiling and wall discoloration
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Increasing energy bill
roof inspection - roof master

Why a Professional Roof Inspection is so Important

As tempting as it is to perform a roof inspection yourself, a detailed roof inspection should always be completed by a trained professional. While an untrained eye may be able to detect the more apparent and obvious wear and tear (like a missing shingle or two), a professional inspector has the proper equipment to check for damages caused by changing or extreme weather.

A trained professional from Roof Master and Construction will thoroughly inspect the exterior and the interior structure of your home/building. They will then communicate any preventive or immediate repairs necessary to improve the longevity of your roof.

What to Expect During Your Roof Inspection in Lubbock

Regular roof inspections are extremely important. They can help ensure timely maintenance, allowing you to repair small problems before having to replace a neglected roof later. Most contractors recommend a roof inspection at least twice a year.

Preventive maintenance is also necessary and an integral part of roof inspections. Preventive maintenance helps understand the true condition of the roof, so any damages can be repaired ahead of time.

When you hire Roof Master for roof inspection services in Lubbock, a trained professional will complete a walk around your property to check for any debris lying around. Debris lying around can be a sign of wind damage. The roof inspector will also complete a full roof inspection for any signs of damage, such as flashings, loose shingles, cracks, etc. After that is complete, a home walkthrough will be conducted to detect any signs of water stains on the ceilings or walls and peeling off paint or wallpaper—any of these can be a sign of roof damage that may require maintenance or repair.

Whatever the case may be, you can trust Roof Master and Construction to provide you a thorough roof inspection service at competitive prices and unparalleled customer service.

Get an inspection and free damage assessment today! We provide residential roof inspection services in Lubbock, Plainview, Slaton, Levelland, Crosbyton, Brownfield, Wolfforth, and Littlefield.

Residential Roof Inspection

Roof Master and Construction has been providing residential roof inspections in Lubbock for more than 40 years. Our knowledge is backed by our experience in the industry. Our customers trust us for our reliable and honest inspections, excellent value, and most importantly, exceptional customer service.

Commercial Roof Inspection

As a locally owned company ourselves, for years businesses in Lubbock and the surrounding areas have been hiring us for their commercial roof inspections with confidence. This is because, as locals, we understand the West Texas elements that can affect the condition of your roof and therefore are better equipped to understand the damages it can cause.

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