Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of roofs is Roof Master an expert in?

Since 1977, we’ve installed, replaced and repaired virtually every type of roof. Whether you’re interested in Asphalt, Stone Coated Steel, Metal, Tile, Slate, TPO or Duro-Last we have you covered. We also have experience working on Flat and Steep Slope roofs so no matter what kind of structure you have, Roof Master has the experience to do the job right – the first time.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

We aim to complete your job, to your satisfaction, in just one day.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

The best way to determine if a new roof is needed is to have a qualified professional perform a thorough inspection. Call or contact us today for a FREE inspection so we can help guide you on your best options.

What kind of warranty does Roof Master offer?

We offer a five-year labor warranty on all roofs we install. If shingles blow off for no reason or the roof begins to leak, we will come back and fix it for FREE, for five years.

What should I look for in a reputable roofing company?

Make sure they have a good standing with the Better Business Bureau and make sure they can provide you with multiple references. Roof Master has an A-Rating with the BBB and can provide references and testimonials from other West Texas homeowners.

Is Roof Master insured and bonded?

Absolutely! Roof Master proudly carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy in addition to being bonded so you have peace-of-mind that we’re serious about earning your trust.

Can Roof Master provide references?

You bet! Just ask and we’ll be happy to provide you with as many as you may need.

What type of roof shingles are the best?

There are a multitude of different types of roof shingles: asphalt, stone coated steel, tiles, metal, and slate. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, hence what is ideal in one scenario may not necessarily work for you. But don’t fret, our expert salesman will walk you through the benefits of each type of roof and help you pick the best roof for your home.

How do you stop a roof leak in a storm?

Immediately place a bucket below the leak to contain the incoming water and dry out the area using a towel or sponge. Next, go to your attic to look for the site of the leak. Once you find it, apply tar to the underside of the roof, then press a shingle or piece of plywood into the tar to cover the leak. Apply more tar around the edges of the patch to properly seal the leak. However, this is just a quick fix to prevent worse damage. Contact Roof Master as the weather clears for a more permanent solution.

Can a roof be too heavy for the house?

Certain roofs are capable of being lightweight, and some roofs can be quite heavy. Based on the type of material that is selected, the weight of the roof can be as high as 50,000 pounds or it can be little as 1750 pounds. The structure of your building can help determine what kind of roof can be installed.

Can I live in my house while the roof is being replaced?

When a roof is being installed, we understand that it can pose a considerable degree of inconvenience to you. This is why, most of our roofing jobs are completed within one day. We take every possible care to ensure that you are not inconvenienced when our roofers are at work.

What is the usual life of a commercial roof?

If the commercial roof has been installed correctly and maintained properly, then on average, the roof can last between 10 to 40 years. Usually, the life expectancy of a commercial roof varies greatly and depends on the materials that are used to build the roof. For instance, roofs built of fiber cement shingles can last as long as 50 years.

How long does it take to replace a commercial roof?

On average, the replacement of a commercial roof can take anywhere from a couple of days to four or five days, depending on the job. Inclement weather conditions can also delay a commercial roof replacement project.
The time taken for commercial roof replacement is less when you hire us. Most of our roofing jobs are completed in just one day—from start to finish, including material delivery and site clean-up. The best way to find out is by calling us. We offer the most efficient and effective solutions for all our West Texas neighbors.

What should a roofing estimate include?

Some of the key items that should be included in a roofing estimate are payment information, the approximate time that the roofing work will take, details of costs or the expenditures involved, roof estimate materials, and a full description of the roofing work that is about to be undertaken. Furthermore, it must be noted that expectations and guarantees pertaining to the roofing work that is to be done, warranty facilities or options, and licensing and insurance
information should also be included in the roofing estimate. Company contact details must be provided as well so that professional assistance may be readily sought in the event of wear and tear.

What is a roof assessment?

A roof assessment is undertaken to evaluate and identify the extent of wear and tear on a roof. A roof assessment helps the homeowner (or the owner of a commercial building) to understand whether roof repairs are required. Diagnosing potential problems in a roofing system is possible only when a roof assessment is undertaken.

What do roof inspectors look for?

The roof inspector is usually on the lookout for any unusual damage (or wear and tear) that is caused by either organic growth issues, windblown debris, or problems that are likely to arise during the installation of a shingle or any subsequent repairs that may have been carried out after that. Roof inspectors check to see if the gutters and flashes of the roof are in good condition. Infrared inspections are also performed to assess temperature differences across the roof to understand how and from where heat is escaping.

How long should a roofer warranty his work?

The workmanship warranty that is offered by a roofer is usually seen to vary from one contractor to another. Roof Master offers a 5-year labor warranty. It is also possible to get a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty with certain shingles. Our Roof Master expert salesperson would be happy to walk you through the options.

Are windows installed from the inside or outside?

Installing windows from the outside can be easier than from the inside, especially as the outer walls of the house are wider than the interior walls. In the case of offset windows, interior openings are larger than exterior openings, and in such a situation, windows can be installed from the inside of the home. Either way, it seldom matters if a window is installed from the inside or the outside, provided the work is done with skill and by paying proper attention to details.

Do you need permits to install windows?

A building permit is usually needed for the installation of a window. However, it might not be the case if the window replacement process is one that simply involves sweeping out sashes or the movable parts of the window. When the opening itself is touched or when the entire window
(including the frame) is replaced, a permit is required. Any material or structural alterations that are made to a window will also require a permit to be produced.

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