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How To Know If Your Home Insurance Covers Roof Leaks (2021)

Fall is seemingly always just around the corner, and with this change in seasons, you can expect a series of storms. This means you might have to deal with roof leaks soon. In this regard, many people wonder, does homeowner’s insurance cover roof leaks? And how can they prepare for any kind of storm damage? In this article, you will find the answer to all these questions and more.

Whenever your roof presents a roof leak, it is important to repair it right away since this could damage its internal structure. Plus, if you can’t identify it on time, you might need to replace your entire roof, which will be costly. To avoid this, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance. Remember to inspect gutters, drainage systems and siding.

Further, if you want to prepare for this storm season, it is vital to check all pre-existing holes, make sure there are no missing tiles and any visible signs of mould. However, even when you do all this, a powerful storm could cause leaks. That’s why first we are going to tell you how to identify the problem. Then, we are going to talk about how your insurance can help you out. 

How to identify a roof leak?

Before even asking, “does home insurance cover roof leaks?” You need to learn how to identify this problem on time. The first thing you need to know is that finding a roof leak on time is vital to avoid any critical damage to the structure. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. 

To determine the source, consider the probable cause. For instance, try to remember if there was a storm a couple of nights ago or maybe strong winds the day before. This will allow you to narrow down the issue to a part of your house. Then, it is time to look at any points of entry, such as cracks or misaligned tiles. 

Go to your attic and look for any wet spots or mould. If this doesn’t help you pinpoint the entry, take your garden hose to the roof. Turn it on, and spray the entire surface. This can help you find the leak and prevent any further damage. 

Does homeowner insurance cover roof leaks?

Once you find the source of the problem, it is time to investigate if your homeowner’s insurance will help you cover the cost. Overall, all policies protect you against roof leaks and any type of water damage. However, this will depend on the cause of the issue. If it is a peril, you don’t need to worry since your provider will take care of it. For instance, if a big storm damages your shingles.

But there are some exceptions. For example, if the issue is caused by poor maintenance, your provider won’t accept the claim. This also includes hazards such as mould, earthquakes, floods and infestation. However, if you want to be sure about what is included, read the agreement. 

Fixing your roof leaks

After you read the whole policy, it is crucial to find out if there is anything else the provider can offer. For instance, some can connect you with qualified experts, which will fix the problem right away. The best part is that you’ll get a guarantee over any repair service. This will allow you to save a lot of money. 

If this is not the case, you will have to hire a contractor and file a claim. This part is vital if you want to get back the money invested. However, before doing this, you need to consider if it is worth it. Remember that your homeowner’s insurance policy has a deductible which can be anywhere between $500 and $2,500. Let’s say your deductible is $800, and the repair cost is only $400. In this instance, the insurance company won’t reimburse you. 

Cost of repairing a roof leak

If the answer to the question, “does my insurance cover roof leaks?” is no, whether it is due to the cause or deductible,  it is time to think about how much this problem will cost you. Overall, the amount will be determined by the source of the leak and how complicated it is to repair. 

In some cases, if there is only minor damage that can be fixed with rubber sealant, it will cost you $100. But, if it is necessary to replace a part of your roof, the bill will increase since you will have to pay for materials and labour. It is difficult to give you an exact amount because it all depends on your specific situation, but in general, it can be anywhere between $700 and $3000.

We know this will be an enormous expense you might not be able to afford at the moment. However, consider that if you let the problem grow, it will only cost you more. Plus, if you try to fix it yourself, it can be dangerous. That’s why you just need to trust the professionals. We handle all types of roof repair and would be happy to give you a free inspection. 

Filing a claim for a roof leak

In case you ask your provider, “does my homeowner’s insurance cover a roof leak?” and receive a positive response, it is time to file a claim. Even though this might sound easy, you need to be careful. Otherwise, the insurance company can deny your reimbursement. Because we don’t want this to happen, here are a couple of tips to help you out.

  • Gather the evidence

This is the most crucial part of the process since it can help you justify the claim. We would recommend taking pictures showing any type of damage made on the interior and exterior of your home. Include measurements of the entry point and report if there is any other kind of problem. 

  • Getting an estimate

Call us, and we will send an expert to evaluate the roof leak. At the end of the visit, they will give you an estimate which will help you determine if filing a claim is worth it. 

The last step will be calling your insurance company, so they can give you all the necessary paperwork you need to fill.

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