6 Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

Getting the news of your facility’s roof collapse can be frustrating. The roof protects the house from harsh climatic elements like wind, rain, and direct UV rays. If it collapses, the occupants can get injured, and your business or home will shut down for a while. 

Luckily, roof collapses don’t happen in one day — during the roof inspection, you will notice some signs of weakening, and to prevent the collapse, you should hire a qualified roofer to fix them. Thankfully, roofing experts at Roof Master can help you with that.

To help you know if your roof will collapse or survive, we will first mention the signs. However, homeowners can keep their roofs safe by doing regular inspections. And so, we have some tips to prevent a collapse to ensure your roof lasts longer. 

Let us get straight into it. 

Roof Collapse Warning Signs

Homeowners rarely repair their roofs immediately after noticing any strange signs. The cracks could be small, or the missing shingle could not be allowing major leaks, but you should replace it almost immediately before it causes significant problems that will cost you to repair. Contact a professional roofer to help you if you see these warning signs.

  1. Sagging

A sagging roof is dangerous because it is a sign of collapse. Roof sagging is caused by excessive loads and weight that bog down the shingles. For example, when the snow or ice on the roof is too much, it may weaken one side of the system leading to sagging. 

Also, your roof could be sagging due to poor installation. When a roofer stacks too many layers of shingles than required, the roof will be too heavy and droop. Other factors are aging, weak walls, and a foundation that doesn’t support the roof well. 

Before repairing the sagging, it is essential to determine the cause. If the roof is not old, you can replace the frames with stronger ones. However, an old roof that is past the expiry date should be replaced. 

  1. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks do not seem a serious problem, especially when small. The bad thing about it is that the rafters, seams, and other wooden roof materials could sip most of the water, allowing the excess to drop. 

Wood is very vulnerable to water, and with time, the wooden parts swell and weaken. They also begin to rot. Since the shingles are heavy, they will outweigh the roof structure leading to a collapse. 

  1. Unusual Sounds

In most cases, when the roof is new, it is not shaken by even the strong winds. However, as it ages, you will notice funny sounds during storms. This is a sign of roof weakening. 

Also, although new roofs rarely produce sounds, a wrongly installed roof will be noisy during winds and heavy rains. The shingles could eventually be blown away, or the entire ceiling could collapse. 

  1. Cracked Ceiling and Walls

Any crack in the house is a major red flag. Cracks on the walls are a sign of weakening, which could also be in the foundation. However, if the crack’s origin is from the top, chances are your roof is the cause. 

Also, if the roof is too heavy for the ceiling, it could cause cracks. These cracks are also dangerous, and some spread to other parts fast. If the roof is too weak to hold the shingles, the entire roofing structure will collapse. 

  1. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles is a problem known to cause leaks , but this could be the beginning of a larger roof problem. The missing shingles are caused by strong winds that blow parts of the roof or falling tree branches that cause the shingles to break. 

The shingles cause water leaks which are an enemy to the interior wood parts of the roof. The missing shingles could also weaken the rest, making it easier to blow away the roof. 

  1. Hard-to-Close Doors and Windows

Most homeowners associate hard-to-close and open doors with aging or water damage. However, roof problems also cause difficulty when opening and closing the doors and windows. Contact a qualified roofer to inspect the roof. 

Tips To Prevent Roof Collapses

Now that you know the signs that your roof is on the verge of collapsing, you need to hire a roofer to repair it before it falls. Roof repairs and replacements are expensive. Luckily, there are ways to care for the roof and prevent collapses. Take a look. 

  1. Remove Snow from the Roof

Snow is heavy, and it can quickly cause roof collapses. Use a snow rake to scrape it away when it builds up on top of your roof. It will reduce the weight on the shingles, and they last longer. However, be careful not to scratch or break shingles during the procedure. 

  1. Repair Missing Shingles as Soon as Possible

Avoid postponing shingles repairs. They are the topmost part of the roof and prevent water entry into the system and house. Covering and replacing the shingles ensures no water entry point, hence less water damage to the roofing system. 

During repairs, ensure to hire a qualified roofer to do the job. They know the best type of shingles to use and how to fix them. A skilled roofer is insured and has a license to show that they can operate. 

  1. Trim Tree Branches Near the House

During storms, tree branches can fall on your roof, break the shingles and weaken the entire system. Cutting the branches near the ceiling also ensures the shingles are dried after rains to prevent them from absorbing water. 

Cutting tree branches also need expertise. Doing it yourself could lead to falls on the roof, causing cracks or an injury, so you should hire a professional if you aren’t feeling confident.

Final Words

Dealing with a roof collapse can be draining and stressful because you could be forced to move out of your home to avoid accidents. Luckily, the collapse starts with signs that you can identify. Ensure you hire a roofer to repair the roof before it collapses.

Contact us now to speak to one of our roofing professionals. 

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