Which Roof Tiles Are Best for Hot Weather

You finally built your dream house and perhaps wondering, “Which roof tiles are best for hot weather?” If you constantly experience soaring summer temperatures in your area, it is essential to use the finest roofing materials to withstand the extreme heat.

A roof is the first line of shield against extreme heat from the sun. Poorly made roofing materials get destroyed in the heat and wear out hastily. A good roof bears penetrating heat and offers the desired ventilation to make your stay at home more comfortable.

When roofing a new house, it is essential to install roof tiles that can help you maximize the benefits of a sound roofing system. This guide explores some of the best roof tiles that are not only best for hot weather but can improve your home’s structural integrity.

That said, let’s dive into it right now!

Which Tiles are best for Roof Systems in summer?

As you contemplate the best roof tiles that can withstand the hot weather, you also need a roofing material that can withstand other elements and last longer. The good news is that this guide will help you identify which tiles are best for the top in hot weather.

Here are some of the options to consider.

  1. Slate Tiles

Slate tiles have been in use for a long time, especially in European countries. The roofing tiles are stunning with a range of natural colors. Notably, the slate tiles last long with little maintenance. 

Due to natural reflective properties, earth-toned and light-colored slates help in minimizing heat absorbed by a building.

While slate is among the gorgeous roofing selections, they are costly to use and heavy to carry over to the roof. Slate tiles are less fragile, hence bringing a popular, widespread availability across the world. The fact that slate tiles are resistant to fire means that they can endure the scorching temperature from the sun. 

  1. Terra-Cotta Tiles

Terra-cotta tiles make a brilliant choice for those hoping to capture a bit of the Spanish colonial style. The type of roofing materials can stand up to heat for centuries. The terra-cotta tiles are formed into an ‘S’ shape or half-barrel to form interconnecting arcs across the roof.

The tile’s curved shape permits good air circulation below the surface to keep the interiors cool. Strengthen your roof decking first before fitting the tiles to inhibit it from crushing in. The terra-cotta tiles are bulky and expensive.

  1. EPDM Rubber Tiles

EPDM is a synthetic rubber that keeps heat away from your house or commercial building. Short for ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM contains a robust thermoplastic that is efficiently resistant to hot weather, UV radiation, and general wear.

The material is primarily effective in dropping heat when coated with titanium dioxide, which offers the EPDM a lighter color. The color reflects heat and light from the roof surface back to the atmosphere. 

  1. White Flat Tiles

White flat tiles are another roofing material well-suited for warm climates. The white color reflects heat. Roofing contractors can further boost the heat resistance ability of flat white tiles by using effective materials for tile production.

The flat white tiles consist of ceramic, cement, fibers, and elastomeric material. The long-lasting material offers lifetime protection.

  1. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are an effective method of retaining a reasonable temperature at your office or home. It is your cost-effective solution if fed up with the high consumption of electricity. Colorful concrete tiles keep the interior of your house cool with less care. 

The durable tiles are primarily helpful in areas with a hot climate. Though the materials used are relatively expensive than the traditional methods, concrete tiles are suitable for long-term use.

  1. Metal Sheet

There is a widespread misconception that a metal roof is not ideal for hot climates. However, this is far from the truth; metal sheet is a durable heat-resistant material. It is advisable to choose light-colored metal for better performance.  

Metal roofing materials effectively resist heat and don’t permit sunrays to enter inside the building. Compared to other types of roof tiles, metal sheets are cost-effective when buying or installing them.

  1. Solar Cells

Photovoltaic or solar cells keep the interior of the commercial building cool. The prominent factor that makes them better than other roofing selections is the ability to store heat. Solar cells store sun rays and use them later to offer energy for your daily use. You can use the energy to power electronics without substantial electricity bills.

The roofing materials are suitable for hot climates because such areas receive plenty of sunrays. Solar cells come in varying styles, making it ideal for you to build an attractive exterior of your building.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Roof Tile for Hot Climate

Your budget, taste, and home architecture are just a few things that influence the choice of your roofing material. Other vital factors include the following.

  • Durability: Guide your roof tile choice on durability. Long-lasting tiles are costly but are worthy due to the low maintenance cost.
  • Energy Efficient: Avoid picking a roofing tile that will require you to spend more on energy cost. Go for a material that is energy efficient.
  • Weight: Consider your roof’s weight. Heavy roofing tiles may affect its structural integrity. Opt for materials that complement your house’s structural stability.
  • Cost: Different materials cost differently depending on the brand, quality, and production cost. High-quality roofing tiles are expensive than low-quality ones.
  • Resilience: It is vital to go for resilient roofing material, especially when living in areas prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, fast-moving winds, and hailstorms. Resilient roofs withstand punctures and prevent dents.

Final Words

As you ponder on which roof tiles are best for hot weather, ensure to get them from reliable sources. Also, hire a roofing company or professional who understands your needs and knows how to fulfill them. At Roof Master, we know that you need roof tiles that can withstand hot temperatures, and our team is ready to help. Contact us today for affordable roof tiles installation services in hot regions.

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