Are Architectural Shingles Worth It?

What Are Architectural Shingles? Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

First, it is essential to ask your roofer, “what are architectural shingles” before buying them. Selecting a shingle material for your new or replacement roof can be challenging because they have different pros and cons.  The manufacturer will tell you the material that makes these shingles and their characteristics. Before purchasing, you should also know the benefits and downsides of the shingle material to gauge if they are worth the cost.  If you have decided to buy architectural shingles and …

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Everything You Need To Know About Drone Roof Inspection

Most building owners prefer drone roof inspection for their large and complex structures. Older houses had simple and easy-to-access roofs, but today, steeper or flat roofs built with a complicated design make it harder for roofers to inspect directly.  Drone inspection makes it easier to survey the roofs, regardless of their complexity. Besides, using a drone to inspect the roof is also faster, improves accuracy, and safer than having the roofer go up a steep roof.  You can use drones …

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How to Get Rid Of Squirrels in Your Roof

If you hear noise and other scratching sounds on your roof, start researching how to get rid of squirrels on roof structures. The tiny rodents cause severe damages to the roof, like chewing wood rafters and seams, weakening the entire system, and causing water leaks and other roof problems.  Luckily, there is a solution for the squirrel infestation on your roof. You can use traps, repellents, and noise to remove these annoying rodents. You can also install an exit tunnel …

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How to Install Roof Deicing Cable 

How to Install Roof Deicing Cable 

Homeowners install a roof deicing cable to prevent the formation of ice dams during winter. Without this essential tool, ice dams form on the roof, causing expensive-to-repair hazards like leaks and shingle damage.  The deicing cables are installed around the roof eaves to warm them and prevent snow from freezing again before flowing into the gutters. They are easy to install, but homeowners are advised against doing it themselves.  Before looking at the roof deicing cable installation process, we will …

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How to Get on Roof with Gutters Safely

Cleaning the gutters is essential if you want to keep your roof in good shape, but ensure you first learn how to get on roof with gutters in the way. It is crucial because ladders cause a lot of damage to the gutter system leading to expensive repairs and replacement.  Before going up the roof, first, know the material of your gutters. It is also essential to know the length of the ladder required and the other cleaning tools to …

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How to Fix Ceiling Cracks

One of the essential things homeowners should learn is how to fix ceiling cracks. They often don’t seem like a big problem, and homeowners ignore them. Unfortunately, these cracks could lead to more expensive repairs like replacing the entire roof.  Ceiling cracks could happen because of poor installation or aging. Therefore, when fixing the problem, avoid DIYs and ensure you hire professionals to do the job. You should also choose quality materials that last longer and reduce maintenance costs.  Before …

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6 Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

Getting the news of your facility’s roof collapse can be frustrating. The roof protects the house from harsh climatic elements like wind, rain, and direct UV rays. If it collapses, the occupants can get injured, and your business or home will shut down for a while.  Luckily, roof collapses don’t happen in one day — during the roof inspection, you will notice some signs of weakening, and to prevent the collapse, you should hire a qualified roofer to fix them. …

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How to Build a Living Roof on Shed

A living roof shed provides a green space for the garden and increases the aesthetics. Besides, the living roof comes with other benefits like providing a habitat for birds, improving air quality, and ensuring your gutters don’t overflow.  Living roofs for sheds are easy to create, and since most homeowners prefer DIYs, this is a project you will enjoy. Luckily, our article mentions some essential steps like knowing the angle of the roof, installing waterproofing, and growing the roof.  However, …

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How Long Does a Rubber Roof Last?

How to Spot Wind Damage to the Roof

Spotting wind damage to roof structures can sometimes be tricky, especially if the roof is complex. Unfortunately, the roof damages can worsen if not detected and repaired early. So, how can you tell that high winds have damaged your roofing structures? Strong winds can cause various roofing problems, including leaks, gutter issues, and missing shingles. That’s why you need to inspect your roof after stormy winds to ensure your roof is in perfect condition. Thankfully, a roof inspector can help …

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How to Repair a Downspout Fast

Downspouts play a significant role in channeling rainwater or snowmelt from a roof, and that’s why every homeowner needs to know how to repair a downspout. A downspout can get clogged, broken, or frozen. If not fixed, the issues could cause more damage. A downspout in good working condition protects your home or landscape from potential water damages. It routes the rainwater from your gutters into drains rather than allowing the water to land near your house perimeter. That’s why …

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